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SkillToolkit Live! modules

SkillToolkit Live! is a customizable training/eLearning platform covering the development/implementation needs of the related training,

helping you with several modules and functions:

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Platform modul

  • A basic system that includes the SkillToolkit Live! platform's server-side operating environment and SQL database-based dynamic eLearning material database.

  • The module works in three modes:

    • As an independent comprehensive training/eLearning training management platform, it provides the following functions:

      • hierarchical course management,

      • study material/exam management,

      • user/group/organization management,

      • rights management,

      • full training administration anddocumentation,

      • system administration,

    • as a functional add-on module of traditional SCORM compatible eLearning systems, LMS/LXPs (e.g.: Moodle, Canvas, Totara, SAP SuccessFactors...),

    • can be run with a direct link as interactive multimedia content, as a questionnaire, as a survey...

Analytical/Report module

The storage, searchability, detailed parameterizable filtering and display and export of the learning tracking data collected with the Player module, which also enables the following of adaptive learning paths at the "Big Data level" compared to traditional eLearning, recorded at the "click level" authorization depending on levels.

Training organizer module

The automated training organizer module provides full creation, organization, implementation, administration, documentation support for simple training-type events and notifiable, licensed, and credit-point trainings under the scope of the Adult Education Act, as well as the mandatory data reporting required by the FAR.


Visual content editor

  • eLearning material development based on knowledge management, with eLearning material elements that can be reused in several courses, materials in real time, e.g.: text, image, sound, video, test question, concept, course material slides...

  • The elements can be used to develop teaching materials, exam materials and a synergistic corporate training module system in a fully responsive way, without HTML coding, on an online visual editing interface.

  • With just a few clicks, course materials can be created from PPTX and DOCX files using wizards.

  • eLearning and exam materials can be modified at any time with a few clicks and can even be further developed into personalized, adaptive eLearning materials.

  • In the company's duplication-free training module system, eLearning materials can also be organized into adaptive learning paths.

eLearning material player module

The Player module includes the SkillToolkit Live! format course materials running in the browser of a mobile, tablet, notebook and desktop computer, a fully responsive course material player and data collector.

SkillToolkit Live! Its Virtual Learning Environment provides support for feature-rich learning with a focus on learning-psychology and learning-methodology.

Event management module

The Event management module covers all face-to-face and blended training events, such as: lecture, classroom teaching, conference, training, workshop, practice, etc. creates, administers, documents the results, and manages, tracks and reports registration and actual presence at events.

Marketplace module

A simplified marketplace module for courses, study materials, exam materials, videos, etc., attendance and blended training, trainings, printed books, etc.  for sale.

Communication module

Communication functions support communication between the platform, instructors/teachers and students, e.g.:

  • sending automated notifications, e.g. about enrollment in the course, exam, training events, training results etc.

  • creating course news, setting their appearance, even sending them out as a circular letter,

  • integrated webinar, video chat, streaming solutions for online training events (e.g. Zoom, Teams, Skype, Meet...).

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