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What is SkillToolkit Live! eLearning methodology and platform?
Get to know us!


Choose the mode of operation!

  • as a standalone eLearning platform,

  • as an additional mode to extend the functionality of traditional LMSs (Moodle, Ilias, Totara, Canvas, SAP SuccessFactors, etc.), e.g. with a "LEGO-style" online content editor.

Do you have an LMS?
Complete your MOODLE, Totara, Canvas... LMS!

Add extra functionality

to your SCORM based LMS!


Organise, administrate!

Use it to organise, report, administrate and  document your eLearning/blended/offline trainings!

Create eLearning materials
from knowledge elements like if it were LEGO!

  • Store once - reuse many times: create "LEGO building block-like" reusable eLearning material elements with just a few clicks, e.g. text, image, sound, video, test question, concept, eLearning material slide!

  • Develop duplication-free eLearning materials and training module systems in real-time from these reusable "LEGO building blocks" in our online editor!

  • Update an eLearning material element in one place and it will be automatically updated in all eLearning materials where you have used it!

  • Develop quickly, inexpensively, with few clicks, even with wizards from MS PowerPoint or MS Word files!


Develop measurably effective training!

Collect and analyze "BIG DATA level" learning tracking data as opposed to the data collections capabilities of traditional eLearning to identify knowledge and skill gaps, giving you the opportunity to develop personalized competencies & adaptive learning!

Sell it, earn passive income!

Use our built-in marketplace to sell courses, eLearning materials, exam materials, videos or even printed books!

Tailor it to your needs!

Use it on your own server or in the cloud & customize its design to your needs!

Take a look at our offers!

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