A “Knowledge-based companies” interpret professional skills as strategically the most important human resources, and therefore manage them as top priorities. The purpose of corporate knowledge management is to support the growth of profitability and, as a result, to maintain and increase the level of competitive edge.


The most advanced and effective method of knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer is the training method that is based on:

Knowledge management,

Competence and

Adaptive eLearning methodology.


As a result of the knowledge-based, pedagogical methodology-centered training method, sustainable, applicable, up-to-date and competitive knowledge is created at the company.





The SkillToolkit complex,  innovative knowledge management and eLearning solution has been developed to offer individual knowledge and training management to our partners.





SkillToolkit philosophy

LEARNING, not just studying!


The SkillToolkit competence-based, adaptive eLearning supporting system module is not a learning management system (LMS) in itself, but an additional eLearning software module which is based on an existing LMS and can be installed into all standard LMSs.




  • Supports the processes of corporate knowledge management and human resource development,

  • Provides competence-based adaptive learning,

  • Keeps the learner’s attention,

  • Supports the tracking and reporting of all relevant learner activities,

  • Applies the most advanced HTML5-based, tool- and platform-independent responsive technology.





  • The purpose of our competence-based, adaptive eLearning pedagogical methodology is to support the transfer of knowledge, sensitization or skills development in an ideal learning environment.


  • As against the traditional eLearning methodology, our solution is competence-based and adaptive, which means that the learners receive the learning material as well as the practice and control tests in a differentiated manner, in conformity with their knowledge, skills and motivation.





This solution is based on three pillars:

  • Adaptive competence-based SkillToolkit eLearning methodology,

  • Adaptive competence-based SkillToolkit eLearning curriculum,

  • Adaptive competence-based SkillToolkit eLearning software module