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SeniorMentor program


SeniorMentor Programme

An ageing society necessitates keeping the senior generation (55+) working as effectively as possible, which requires maintaining a physical and mental standard of active living.


The goal of the programme 

To develop and maintain the cognitive functions of seniors seeking activity, to improve their digital competences and practical skills, to maintain their physical and mental health, and thus to prolong their active working life. 


The target group of the programme

As competence development and training is a horizontal area, several target groups should be identified:

  • the senior generations as the "end-users",

  • institutions, companies and experts in the mentoring network,

  • employers who employ several generations.


The tasks of the programme

  • disseminating practical knowledge among peers of similar age, giving advice, sharing knowledge, providing inspiration to take up new activities, lead healthy lifestyles, stay healthy, join communities,

  • organising workshops, webinars, thematic group discussions, online and face-to-face presentations, hybrid trainings (online and in-person) for developing competencies in internet usage, improving digital literacy, encouraging lifelong learning, facilitating peer-to-peer knowledge transfer and accelerating the change of mindset in breaking down stereotypes about older people.

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