The purpose of our competence-based, adaptive eLearning pedagogical methodology is to support the transfer of knowledge, sensitization or skills development in an ideal learning environment.


        In traditional eLearning, all learners follow the same learning path, regardless of their knowledge, skills and learning styles.


        Therefore, in this case, everyone gets the same leaning material as well as practice and control tests, i.e. if the learners’ knowledge level is different, some of them get bored and some others are unable to reach the desired knowledge level.


        The methodological opportunities of the SkillToolkit eLearning solution break away from this less effective training method and offer a competence-based and adaptive solution, which means that the learners receive the learning material as well as the practice and control tests in a differentiated manner, in conformity with their knowledge, skills and motivation, based on different learning paths matching their knowledge and motivation level.


        We also provide several further methodological and technological opportunities to ensure that the contents of learning, practice and control differ in a learning level path also on the basis of the learner needs. Our methodology can also protect learning from becoming mechanical because upon the multiple play of the learning material the same learning level can have a different learning path as well as practice and control contents.


        In the competence-based, adaptive learning process, the SkillToolkit eLearning solution also tracks in detail the learning progress, the relevant learner interaction, task and test execution etc., thus it can be accurately specified which part of the learning material the learner knows (and at what level), and where the learner needs support to reach a higher knowledge level.


        Otherwise the learning process cannot be effective and successful.










SkillToolkit competence-based, adaptive eLearning methodological solution