SkillToolkit is an adaptive competence-based eLearning solution for corporate training which is more successful


       The SkillToolkit competence-based, knowledge management and human resource development supporting solution and service – applying adaptive eLearning – has been developed to support training for improved corporate business processes more successfully, at the highest controllable level and in a more quantifiable manner.


       The SkillToolkit knowledge management and human resource development which supports adaptive competence-based eLearning solution consists of two components:

       - Professional preparation for knowledge management and human resource development support,

       - Introduction and support of competence-based training

       -management that applies adaptive eLearning.


       Applying adaptive competence-based eLearning, this training-management solution is based on three pillars:

- Adaptive competence-based eLearning pedagogical methodology,

- Adaptive competence-based eLearning curriculum,

- Adaptive competence-based eLearning software module.


       The components of the adaptive competence-based eLearning solution create a wide range of further activities, from which we – jointly with our Client – select and customize the required elements according to the circumstances, needs and objectives of the given company.