The SkillToolkit complex, innovative knowledge management and eLearning solution has been developed to offer individual knowledge and training management to our partners. 


       The success of our solution lies in the fact that we not only focus on teaching but also on effective TRAINING when collecting, systematizing and sharing the required knowledge.


       We make sure that the required corporate knowledge is measured with the participants as profoundly as possible so that we can jointly work out the ways of development.


       We recommend our SkillToolkit complex solution to for-profit producers and service providers as well as state and non-profit organizations in order to increase their effectiveness.


        What our partners like about us:


-high-level, quality services


-verified success of the LEARNING process


        The SkillToolkit experts and consultants are prominent local professionals in the sciences and the economy as well as innovative thinkers in their specialities.  

SkillToolkit philosophy

LEARNING, not just studying!