The SkillToolkit competence-based, adaptive eLearning system module

        The SkillToolkit competence-based, adaptive eLearning implementing system module is not a learning management system (LMS) in itself, but a software module and a database system which significantly extends the functionality and the methodological facilities of an existing, standard LMS (e.g. SAP LSO, Oracle iLearn, Moodle, Ilias).



        If the Client does not have an LMS system, or intends to replace the current one, we will install e.g. the Moodle LMS and the accompanying SkillToolkit extension eLearning software module.


        It is to be noted that the Training Administrator continues to organize the courses in the LMS and the relevant results will also be fed back to the LMS.


        The greater interaction data and detailed learner tracking as well as the resulting reports are accessible on the analytical and reporting web surface of the SkillToolkit eLearning module.


        A SkillToolkit eLearning system also has a module curriculum player module and an integrated curriculum editing module. This solution helps quickly develop a large number of curricula with the help of scenario and curriculum templates, and the existing ones can be modified with just a few clicks.