Advantages of the supportive and adaptive SkillToolkit knowledge management and human resource development eLearning solution

        Supports the processes of corporate knowledge management and human resource development,


        Provides competence-based, adaptive learning,


        The system and the curriculum are adapted to the individual competences, i.e. to previous skills as well as knowledge and motivation level,


        Keeps the learner’s attention and motivation for learning with a template-based, built-in, interactive multimedia and test motor that can be customized in numerous ways,


        Helps identify the learner’s knowledge to be attained by tracking in detail all relevant student activities and through a built-in analytical module and customizable reporting solution, giving the teacher or the instructor the chance to achieve the most effective learning,


       Supports scenario- and template-based curriculum development,


       Applies the most advanced HTML5-based, tool- and platform-independent, responsive technology.